Junior School Council

Junior School Councillors at NLPS each do one yard duty per week. They are rostered on to either half of recess or half of lunch. They decided to do this last year as a way of helping the staff members on duty to solve the smaller problems. They wear bright orange vests and have recently come up with a list of duties.

Click here to see what they decided was the role of JSC members on yard duty.

NLPS' Junior School Council would like to thank all of the children who submitted an entry into the Friendship Bus Stop Design Competition. We had an enormous number of entries handed in, and it was fantastic to see so many families get involved together at home.


A judging panel of five staff members came together to shortlist the final four entries. Every student in the school was then given a red dot, which they stuck onto the design that they liked best. During today's assembly (3rd April), the winning entry was announced. This design will be made into a permanent sign somewhere in our school yard for children to go to during recess and lunchtime when they are looking for someone to play with. Junior School Council will be meeting soon to discuss the best spot for the sign to go.


Congratulations to Sarah in 5/6W whose entry was selected as the favourite by the majority of students at our school.

(The first image is the winner, followed by the other three finalists underneath).