Pod Play at NLPS

Monkey Bars Walkway


The Walkway is a great way to do the monkey bars without worrying about falling. This new activity is made with old scraps. When the pod bell goes the Walkway is easy to put up and take down. The next time we line up for the pod we don't always get the net so we have to try to make things that are as much fun however different.


Falling off the monkey bars is one of the worries that children have while doing the monkey bars. However with this fun energetic path that children have taken at Newport Lakes Primary school, it encourages children of all ages to have fun without the worries of falling. Falling off the monkey bars or any other school play equipment could lead to injuries. Some of the children that have gone on this activity have not been able to do the monkey bars. Since they have gone on this Walkway, they are now more confident about the monkey bars than ever before. Even though these people still may not be able to do the monkey bars, they go on this path, enjoy it and help others going through by sitting on the top.


The monkey bar net is a fun way to teach students to work together in big groups. It includes everyone, and we need to work as a team to make it. We have to be able to co-operate with each other to make it work, which can sometimes be a challenge. We all work together on the different parts when we are making this great activity. When we are helping each other we make it quicker. It also shows that you don't always have to work by yourself, you can work with a team of friends. Sometimes we need to compromise, say if a hammock is in the way, we would go around it. Sometimes it doesn't work out, so we have to try new things to make with the pod scrap.


When children climb through at the start of the net, most of them have worried faces and when we help them off at the end, their faces are beaming with joy. When the makers of this new attraction first tried it we were amazed that it was so fun, easy, exciting and adventurous. The last time we tried, the line almost took over the whole playground. There is always is a long line when we make the Walkway.


Written and edited by Heide and Sarah 5/6W.


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