eSmart Framework

Becoming eSmart

What to do if somebody is being mean to you online:

The internet lets us watch videos, play all kinds of games and find out interesting stuff.
But sometimes people can be mean on the internet, just like some people are mean in real life.

If someone is being mean to you while you are on the internet or on a mobile phone:

  1. Tell one of these people: your mum or dad, your teacher, an aunty, an uncle, a grandparent, your brother, your sister or a friend. Keep telling them until they help.
  2. Don’t answer any of their mean comments. Save them and show them to a parent or teacher
  3. Get a parent or teacher to help you block them so they can’t contact you any more
  4. Report them to the game/video host so they get blocked
  5. Remember it isn’t your fault if someone is mean online. Nobody should be bullied.