It is my pleasure to welcome you to Newport Lakes Primary School. The school is proud of our 157 year history in providing education in the Newport area and have always been a significant part of the Newport community.

The school is situated in quiet surroundings on the corner of Elizabeth and Ross Streets Newport. Students have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of programs which support their classroom programs and allow them to have enriched learning experiences throughout their years at Newport Lakes.

We have caring and committed staff, who bring a variety of skills, interests and experience to enhance Newport Lakes Primary School. There is strong commitment to the development of the whole child. We are sensitive to individual student abilities and circumstances. Our supportive environment encourages students to be enthusiastic learners.

We value the contribution of our parent and wider community. Parents and teachers work together in partnership to ensure the best possible education for our children.

The school values at Newport Lakes Primary School are:


Resilience                   We keep on trying.




Critical Thinking         We solve problems and use our minds well.




Responsibility            We take care of ourselves, our community and our world.




Compassion               We always treat each other well.




Respect                     We think about and act in a positive way towards ourselves and others.




The school has a rich educational past and looks toward an energetic and exciting future.

David Moss