What are the class sizes at Newport Lakes Primary School?
Newport Lakes Primary school is committed to maintaining small class sizes. Currently we run four prep classes with 21 students in each class.


What are the school times?
The school day begins at 9am – the playground is supervised from 8.45am.
We have a recess from 11 – 11.30am and children are encouraged to eat a substantial morning tea. Lunchtime is from 1.30pm – children are supervised in the classroom while they eat their lunch and then play outside until 2.30pm.
The last session of the day is 2.30 – 3.30pm.
The prep children are escorted outside to their parent / carer or collected by after school care staff.


How is discipline managed?
The school has an ‘anti bullying’ policy focussing on the right of each person in the school to learn, play and work in a safe environment. At the beginning of every year the class teacher spends time working with the children on developing class rules for behaviour and explaining school rules and consequences. Parents are always involved if there are ongoing discipline issues.


What happens if I need before / after school care?
Enrolment forms are available at the school office and the staff are always on hand to answer any questions. The program is conducted at the school. Please phone 9742 5040 if you have any enquiries for before school, after school or vacation care. Quantin Binnah, a not for profit community organisation conduct the program.


Are parents involved in the school?
Newport Lakes Primary School actively involves parent participation in the school. In 2008 a parent club was re-established and there are a group of very enthusiastic parents involved in school garden, classroom helping, fundraising, special lunch days, music and social activities.


When do I need to enrol?
We would like to finalise our prep numbers by the end of term 2. This enables us to inform parents of the number of classes we will be having and appoint teachers to the grades. Enrolment forms can be returned to the school office.


What happens after I enrol?
We will keep you informed of any school activities that you may be interested in. A newsletter is published each fortnight and available from the website.
The teachers will prepare an orientation program and inform you of dates / times. The children usually have two sessions at the school.
Our parents are organise informal ‘play’ dates at the school during term 4 to enable children and parents to ‘get to know’ each other prior to their child starting school.


How are children placed into classes?
Teachers organise classes after taking into consideration a number of factors – friendship groups, abilities, gender, behaviour issues, and any special needs. After discussion with kinder / child care staff and any family requests the children are placed into grades. The teachers plan and work together in delivering a comprehensive program and children do mix with other classes and play with each other during lunch and recess.


Where do we purchase the uniform?
Uniform is available from Double C Jeanery, 2 Aviation Road, Laverton.


What happens if my child is ill at school?
If your child becomes ill or is hurt during the school day he / she is initially taken to the sick bay where a decision is made on the severity of the injury. Most staff at Newport Lakes Primary School have Level 2 First Aid and can confidently assess a situation. Parents are rung if any child has a ‘head injury’ or is too ill to remain at school. It is important that contact details are kept up to date to ensure that in times of need the school can contact a parent or an emergency contact.


Excursions & camps
All grades will have some excursions during the year. Our prep students have visited the Botanic Gardens, Theatre music performances, Collingwood Children’s Farm and the Newport Lakes. Parents are informed of all excursions and at the beginning of the year are asked to sign a permission form to allow their child to attend local venues ie walk to park with teacher. All excursions that require travel in a bus / train will have a separate notice detailing the arrangements and cost.
We have camp for children in grades 3 - 6


What happens if my child has an appointment during school hours?
If you need to pick up your child early from school you must sign your child out on the Compass machine located at the front office prior to collecting your child from the classroom.  All visitors must report to the office and sign in.


What happens if my child requires assistance at recess or lunchtime?
There are three staff on yard duty during recess and lunchtime. Each adult wears a fluorescent vest so that children can identify them easily. We do not have any restrictions on play areas all children are encouraged to play together.


When do I receive feedback on my child’s progress?
Parents are able to arrange an interview with their child’s teacher at any mutually convenient time. Formal interviews take place early in the school year and mid year. Reports are sent home mid year and the end of the year.
We encourage parents to discuss any concerns or issues with the class teacher – often it is just a misunderstanding or miscommunication and can be resolved with a meeting.


Does the school have a ‘buddy program’?
Yes the prep children are matched with a senior student who will participate in activities with the prep grades, it is a very successful program and assists the children in meeting a range of children and staff.


What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is a program offered to grade 1 students who have experienced some difficulty with literacy learning during their prep year. The program is offered on a 1:1 basis with a specialist teacher over a 16 – 20 week period. Parents are consulted if the recommendation is that their child be included in the program.


What about homework?
All children from grades prep – 6 are encouraged to read each night and the prep homework is mainly reading and a selection of tasks based on their class work. As the children move into the older grades there are different homework expectations and parents are kept fully informed from the beginning of the school year.


Is there a swimming program?
The school conducts a two week intensive swimming program in the second half of the year all children from prep – grade 4 are encouraged to attend. Grade 5-6 students participate in a Life Saving Program.


What is a CRT?
A CRT is a Casual Relief Teacher – these are teachers who are employed by the school to work in a school if a teacher is absent. At Newport Lakes we have a bank of reliable CRTs who know our school, the children and the staff and are able to fill in when required.


These are a selection of questions that have been asked, if you have a question or concern that has not been addressed please give us a call and we will assist you.