LOTE - Indonesian

Newport Lakes Primary School’s Indonesian program is implemented across all year levels for one hour each week. The program focuses on language and cultural learning with key emphasis on speaking and listening in the early year levels. Our Indonesian classroom provides a dynamic learning environment where students engage in a variety of interactive activities including games, quizzes, role-play, puzzles and competitions.

Our Indonesian Day has become an annual event where students participate in a variety of culture-based activities. Our past events have included Indonesian themed dress-up parades, cultural performances and workshops and Indonesian food.


New to Newport Lakes Primary School is our very own Indonesian language learning page. Once you're there, click on your grade and you will find word lists, eBooks, work samples, videos and other useful links. Click here and enjoy!




Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of the Republic of Indonesia and it is very similar to Bahasa Malaysia, the language spoken in Malaysia. Some 210 million people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand speak these almost identical languages. As Australia’s closest neighbour and ever-popular travel destination, Indonesia opens many opportunities in business, government, education and tourism.

Our LOTE program not only supports the learning of Indonesian language and culture but it also teaches students how to learn a language as a steppingstone for other LOTE studies in the future.