In their 1st year at school, the Prep students explore a variety of musical sounds through singing songs and accompanying their singing with tuned and untuned percussion instruments. They also explore movement to music, both in improvised responses to music and memorised movements to accompany songs. Preps are exposed to a variety of performance experiences throughout the year and are encouraged to participate in the Junior Choir in term 4.

All students in all grades do classroom music, where they sing, play various instruments (e.g. percussion and electronic keyboards), learn to work effectively and co-operatively in a musical ensemble and interpret basic conventional rhythm and pitch notation. All students are encouraged to express responses to the music they experience and contribute ideas to music-making activities.


In addition to classroom music, there are various musical ensembles operating within the school. Parents and other community members participate and/or help during some rehearsals and at most performance events. Participating in one or more musical ensembles gives students access to various performance opportunities, such as the School Fete, Hobsons Voice, local kindergartens and aged care facilities, Newport Folk Festival, BushDance and Christmas Concerts.