Information and Computer Technology and eLearning provide the key to doors we didn't know existed. Once the doors are opened we see new opportunities for learning. Within this context we have a responsibility to ensure that all learners, students and teachers have the necessary skills, opportunities and tools to explore eLearning opportunities - in order to achieve learning experiences that are:

  • Engaging
  • Authentic
  • Challenging
  • Successful

Newport Lakes Primary School Council proactively supports the implementation of Information and Communication Technology across the school.

The school has a dedicated Information and Communication Technology teacher providing teaching and support for ICT throughout the school.

Computers are an integral part of our learning programs at Newport Lakes Primary School. They are used for learning centre activities in both the Literacy and Numeracy blocks from Prep to Grade 6, and also for a range of applications that support our integrated curriculum. Students can readily access the computers in both their classrooms and the lab in the Library. Our software library is extensive and covers thinking skills, literacy skills, problem solving activities, computer skills and information retrieval applications.

Internet usage is particularly valuable for research and students and parents sign an agreement at the beginning of the year. All students from Grade 3 are given an email address and use it in conjunction with their learning programs.

Our recent purchase of Mac computers, digital cameras for each classroom and electronic whiteboards is taking Newport Lakes Primary School to the forefront in Learning Technologies.



Parents' Technology Survey Results



Earlier this year an online technology survey was made available to all families to complete. We had a fantastic amount of participants, so many thanks to all those who took the time to have their say.


The eSmart committee at NLPS sat down late last term to examine the results. To see a compiled list of the main results that we are working towards improving, click here.


There were more questions than what is compiled, but the eSmart team felt that these would be the main focus for us as a school community to improve on.


After looking at the results, it became clear that our families are doing many things well, but there is still room for improvement. The eSmart committee felt that parental controls, restrictions on where devices are used, and parental agreements should be at the forefront of our thinking in the term ahead.


The main three things that we are hoping to improve on are:


-      Having a parental agreement in place about children’s use of devices at home.

-      Having parental controls switched on with the devices that children have access to at home.

-      Having restrictions on places in the family home where children can use devices.


The eSmart team hope that when a similar survey is conducted again at a later stage this year, the percentage of people saying ‘yes’ to these three things in particular, will be a lot higher. If you would like an example of a parental agreement, see the Events/Notices section of our website, under the 'whole school' tab.


Hopefully we can work together to get those percentages up, up, up!