The term 'curriculum' covers all the arrangements the school makes for students' learning and development. It includes the content of courses, student activities, teaching approaches and the ways in which teachers and classes are organised. To support the development of school based curriculum, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has provided schools with The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)

Our curriculum planning is based upon our understandings of students; their personal development, needs, talents, interests and learning styles. Our curriculum is also based on the assumption that all students are capable of achieving, of working effectively with others, of making decisions and are able to express themselves in creative ways.

At Newport Lakes Primary School, curriculum planning and implementation is not undertaken by individuals in isolation. Curriculum development is effective because it involves staff working together in teams, using a whole school approach.

Through the Education Committee, the School Council develops school policy for curriculum and support programs. The staff develop the programs to reflect the goals outlined in the policies.

Newport Lakes Primary School is pleased to be able to offer all students a full and comprehensive curriculum.

Our core business is engaging students in a curriculum that focuses on developing literate and numerate students, this is the key to opening the doors for life long learning.

The staff are also engaged in personal learning continually accessing professional development opportunities in order to ensure our students are provided with learning experiences that are in line with current educational research.

The staff have high expectations for all students and students are offered the following educational experiences:

  • Specialist physical education classes for all grades
  • Interschool sport – grade 3 – 6
  • Reading Recovery
  • Grade 3 – 6 camp program
  • Kinder / prep transition program
  • Whole school concert (biannually)
  • Visual art program
  • Art Show (biannualy)
  • Choir (prep – 6 )
  • Keyboard lessons (optional)
  • Whole school swimming
  • Junior School Council
  • City of Hobson’s Bay – Junior Council
  • Dedicated literacy and numeracy sessions
  • Specialist Library program
  • Comprehensive Information Technology program
  • Kids – “Go For Your Life” focus
  • Bike Education
  • Grade 6 leadership program
  • Japanese cultural exchange program

Education is recognised as a life-long process so we promote the development of high level thinking skills and problem solving to equip students for the future. We are told that most of the jobs, which Prep children will ultimately take up, have not yet been created. In responding to this uncertainty, we teach students to reflect on their experiences in order to understand how they learn best and thus to become independent learners capable of responding to change.