Art Show

The NLPS Art Show is one of the major events on the NLPS school calendar; it’s so epic we only hold it once every two years! It is always a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to see the work of our talented artists across all levels of the school.


This year, the Multi-Purpose Room will be taken over and turned into an exhibition space for our exclusive four day event, ‘Larger than Life’. Every student in the school will have one piece of artwork exhibited that they have created this year. The students are very proud of their artwork, and it is a wonderful opportunity for parents and the school community to appreciate and support students’ creativity and learning in Art. It is sure to be an experience!


The Art Show will begin with a grand opening event on the morning of Monday 18 June between 8am - 9am. The MPR will be open for visitors to the exhibition both before and after school up until 9am on Thursday 21 June.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Art Show please contact Laura Russell (Art teacher) via email or in person in the Art room anytime.